Let me help you identify ways to streamline your computer tech … saving lots of money in the process.

Most companies have computerized their business processes based on the software that was available. This is not an effective or efficient approach. You want to use the software that produces the best results. That is what I do. I help you identify places in your process where you can upgrade your software and get much better results and savings.
Why not let the computer do the heavy lifting, the repetitive/boring stuff, the mundane? Freeing you and your company up to do the important things that you want to do.

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One of my main focuses is to "simplify”. We live in a continuing spiral of complexity. I have not talked to a single person or company that wants their environment more complex. Simplifying is desired.  I have a knack or a talent… for making the complex… simple.

For office automation or database needs, I use a program called FileMaker. It runs in both the PC and Macintosh environment.
I have been a FileMaker developer for the past 20 years.

Looking forward to talking to you on how I can create value to your business operations.


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