This Lao Tzu quote summarizes my experience with Electric Mountain and Tom Raddemann over the last 15 years: "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves."

WOW & YES! That is all you need to know about Electric Mountain and Tom Raddemann. Tom is brilliant, super-intuitive and efficient. If you're asking for more than that, pick another company. Electric Mountain and Tom carefully and deliberately build the software systems which have made running our company and training new employee's easy.

          Abbott Wallis, Founder
               :: Bold Earth Teen Adventures

I have worked with Tom Raddemann for over 20 years. He has saved me countless thousands of dollars on many projects by keeping my computer technology up-to-date. His ability to create solutions to technical challenges in a cost effective way is unrivaled. He has the unique ability to communicate in an understandable way about highly technical things so you can make the best decision, a rare skill in today’s world. Invite Tom to take a look at your computer tech, you will be glad you did.

          Sid Walker
            Coach to the sales stars

Tom is the best damn natural teacher I have ever met.

          Vice Pres. Economic Development
              Greater Denver Chamber of Commerce

For over 30 years Tom Raddeman has been my "go to guy" in helping me build my business. I maintain over 21,000 contacts in my "Big List” (a name Tom gave my Filemaker file) As a result of using Tom's expertise I  started the Colorado Speakers Assn. and the Colorado Independent Publishers Assn. growing each group to National Leaders.

            Joe Sabah
                Speaker … Author … Coach

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